The Garden

A walled garden with different areas to enjoy – a patio (summer sun trap) to sit and relax, this web planted borders, erectile and the raised beds where we grow some of the herbs and vegetables used in our breakfast dishes.  As a matter of principle, we use no pesticides or herbicides, which means, of course, that weeding is done by hand and hoe and all guests are very welcome to help in this chore if they wish.

Not surprisingly, since Anne is a herbalist, the garden is planted with many different herbs – both culinary and medicinal and Anne is delighted to give guests a tour and talk about the different herbs growing, from black cohosh to elecampane, from pasque flower to agnus-castus, from echinacea to skullcap.

Butterflies and bees love our garden, as the herbs grow we provide the nectar they need and want.


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